OADI funds and administers an extensive student employment program for Federal Work-study eligible students, providing opportunities to gain employment and skills in administrative and academic arenas. Students who complete the application process will be able to view and apply for positions posted with OADI. 

For more information on OADI's funding and work opportunities, please visit the office, located in Suite 200 of the Computing & Communications Center (CCC) or call (607) 255-3841, between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

For more information about Federal Work Study in general, visit the Student Employment Services’ website.

For more information on career development, visit the Cornell Career Services Office.

Employers interested in posting positions with OADI should click here.

Students interested in applying for OADI sponsored positions will need to complete the following steps:

1. Log into Canvas and enroll in the OADI Employment course. 

2. Following enrollment in the course, select the "Employment Orientation" module to view the course. 

3. At the end of the course is a quiz that must be in order to access the student employment placement information.

4. After successful completion of the quiz, OADI Placement Information Form will open in the window

5. ALL STUDENTS, whether looking for new employment or returning to a former position, must complete this form to view positions or be re-appointed to a former position.

6. Once the placement form has been completed, the applicant will receive an email which will provide access to the position pages.  For those seeking new employment, view the positions and request a referral for a position.  An OADI staff member will review the request for approval within 48 hours or 2 business days.  Once the referral is approved, the applicant will be responsible for scheduling their interview.  ***For those looking for re-appointment, a referral will be generated within 48 hours or 2 business days.

7. After an interview has been scheduled and completed, the employer will notify OADI of their decision.  If an offer of employment is extended to the student, the Cornell University Business Service Center (UBSC) will be forwarded all information for the appointment.

8. UBSC will send notifications to both the student and the employer of the appointment date and when they may begin work.

Any questions should be directed to oadi-employment@cornell.edu.

***It should be noted that even if an employer or student is interested in being rehired to a previous position, the student MUST complete the Canvas course and student placement information form before they will be eligible for employment.